In the beginning it was the box

1991 Monza

Giovanni Ciscato begins his adventure with the specific intent to encompass all his creativity in tailor-made boxes which take shape thanks to ingenuity and dexterity. Over the years in the G. Box laboratories not only are boxes produced but also couvettes and precious caskets, recognisable for their elegant style, the use of quality materials, the attention to detail and originality of the technological solutions adopted. Expanding production and creativity in constant evolution.

2011 Mezzago

Today in G. Box a wide range of materials are moulded to the ideas and desire of its founders. The solutions offered are evolving, ranging from boxes to the most innovative displays. The growth path has naturally transformed G. Box figures but has not modified the passion and the attention to detail with which each product is created. The new production site in Mezzago (MB) covers an area of ​​2000 square metres dedicated to storage and a large workshop. G. Box creations "dress" the most varied desires of each customer; from perfume to cosmetic cream, from fashion to advertising, from champagne to any other dream needing a casket to enhance its characteristics and embellish its presentation.

To further exploit our know-how, we decided to turn to the international market, knowing that this would have required implementation of a structured organisation. This evolution has allowed us to satisfy orders of considerable size, without however relinquishing the historic characteristic of artisan craftsmanship.